Internationale Kinder- und Jugendbegegnungen

Diversity Jigsaw in Zapotok, Slowenien 2018


About the exchange

We believe that International youth exchange provides a truly life-changing space for young people and can be unforgettable experience and good basis for life. Young people extend their view of the world, other cultures, rethink their own values, focus on their own competences and have fun.

Young people in the exchange programme will come from 3 different countries (Slovenia, Germany and Croatia), but from more different cultures. Slovenian group will include 6 young migrants, who arrived in Slovenia during last 2 years, as well as young people who come from Slovenia. International youth exchange, which will be attended by young people from different culture backgrounds will allow teenagers to make friends in a safe environment with their peers from around the world.
The purpose of international youth exchanges is to enable young people to high-quality spend time in a multicultural environment that will be  co-created by them. They will become aware of themselves and their own talents, learn to live with others and learn about the common values ​​that people have. They will focus on the topic of identity and what connects them with other people. Participants will look on differences and similarities between each other and express them through different media (art, theatre, photography...). They will focus on their own talents and try to contribute with them to the whole group. The exchanges will enable them to learn about the richness of our cultures and opportunities posed by cross-cultural environment (food, music, dance ...). International exchange will promote informal learning, intercultural cooperation and the training of social skills.

Zapotok, Slowenien 2014


2014 fand nach langer Vorbereitung der erste internationale Kinder- und Jugendaustausch YETI statt. Eingeladen von der Stiftung "Slovenska filantropija" führte uns der Weg nach Zapotok, 25km südlich der Hauptstadt Ljubljana.
Neben einer Slowenischen Gruppe war auch eine Gruppe aus Estremadura / Spanien dabei.
Das Motto "Let`s skills exchange" rief uns auf, gegenseitig unsere Fertigkeiten zu vermitteln. Gerade das Stelzenlaufen und die Feuershow konnten die Bucher Kinder gut den anderen zeigen und beibringen.
Einen Beitrag in englisch kann man hier lesen.